“We are a legacy.”- Kingsville Clothing Supply Co.

“We are a legacy.”- Kingsville Clothing Supply Co.

Bulawayo is the home of street wear and music centered fashion trends. With the emergence of new street wear brands, the street style has become as big as the African prints in the city enough to hail it as the Street wear citadel. In all trends and name brands, Bulawayo street wear is incomplete if the name Kingsville Clothing is not mentioned. Kingsville Clothing Supply Co. is the legendary cornerstone of street style apparel in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe in its entirety, its genesis dating back to 2012.

Kingsville Clothing is not just a brand, it’s a movement. Founded by the Bulawayo veteran rapper, Orthodx, the brand is strongly stitched in the veins of the Bulawayo Hip hop culture. The label has dressed the pioneers of the genre including the late Cal Vin who was their biggest ambassador. Kingsville has also dressed the award winning artiste like Asaph, Tehn Diamond, Guluva Seven, Prozac and an endless list of great artists and producers. Kingsville Clothing is Bulawayo. Kingsville Clothing is Hip hop. The urban street wear brand strives to promote the culture by endorsements, merchandising for artists and space for video shoots, interviews and more for no charge or commission. Recently dubbed the Best Brand supporting Local Hip hop in the 2020 Pogues Hip hop awards held in Harare. The vision in 2021, Orthodox said, “We aim at expanding the store, promoting more artists and just providing the best quality clothing for our consumers”. Despite the pandemic and economic climate, the brand has given us the best services and products consistently.

The inspiration for the apparel lies in the legacy of the City of Kings which is loud in the brand’s mantra, We ain’t just a brand, we are a legacy. Kingsville designs feature timeless cameos of Dr JM Nkomo, King Lobengula and King Mzilikazi, echoing the sentiments and heritage engraved in the history of Bulawayo. The brand has a collection of street wear essential pieces, hoodies, beanies, snapbacks, Raglan Baseball T-shirts and their famous canvases, crew neck tshirts. Made for the inner city youth and beyond, Kingsville is high quality and affordable.


Orthodox’s word to the new brands was “Never give up on your goals and dreams because it’s definitely not a smooth and easy road. Kingsville Clothing applauds brands like Stars29 and City of Kings for pushing the passion.

The future of Bulawayo street wear is promising, its foundation is solid and at that cornerstone sits Kingsville Clothing.