Thobekile (LVR) interview : “My days are the same – I make different outfits everyday”

Thobekile (LVR) interview : “My days are the same – I make different outfits everyday”

Thobekile’s aura and tone tells you virtually everything you need to know about Leverange (abbreviated as LVR), her brainchild, a fashion label for women. Recently awarded best designer in the ROILBAA20, her rep precedes her in most local fashion scenes and art spheres. I managed to talk to her and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed by the person she is. Her drive is rooted in music and she is not only a self taught designer but a qualified Social worker. I got to see a side of her that her social media presence won’t show.

When you visit my studio, music is always the first thing you hear


LVR has a life of its own and its breath has been felt in a lot of creative spaces in the royal capital. LVR’s life moves through the veins of Bulawayo art. The brand is rather famous for its trendy exclusive custom made garments and it’s elegance is only matched by it’s attention to details. Thobekile is the brand’s biggest ambassador, she is a walking LVR mannequin, her personal style represents her brands signatures.

” I do more fashion researches – I’m Always updated on fashion trends and style – it makes my work a little easy and helps me to relate with what my clients want” , Thobekile said, adding on to what keeps her motivated. Her work reflects just that, each garment looks and probably feels like an extension of the person wearing it. With outfits cutting from couture, weddings and fashion centric events, LVR brings the heat on everything trend forward and the smiles on the client’s personal pages are stamps of approval.

As a local designer , her sentiments in the fashion industry locally were similar to mine and Buka‘s. ” You know most people in Bulawayo follow South African trends if not international trends”, She said when asked about trends she wished Bulawoyans would stop embracing. “It will take time. For that to change, well as designers we will keep trying to make them believe that we also can create our own trends.” Still on the subject, Bulawoyans need to trust designers the way they trust bar tenders with phones.

LVR: Random Q & A

If you were a musician, who would you want to dress you, locally?

Wow I would definitely like to be dressed by LVR

What would you want to change in the fashion industry in Bulawayo then?

Oh, I would like people to trust their designers and not always bring internet designs, I would really like people to support local talent as I said, people mustn’t be afraid of creating trends.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had with client expectations?

Convincing them on designs that is suitable for their body structure.

What’s makes your days different? ( I was asked to skip this but… )

My days are the same lol just that I make different outfits everyday and that I learn new things everyday.

Did I mention she listens to Asaph ?

Jabulile Sigola
Jabulile Sigola
Jabulile Sigola is a student of art and a master of passion. Inspired by music and fashion, he pens his soul out. Psychology graduate and definitely not a mind reader.

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