Stylistically Insta-fashion – Instagram as a platform for fashion designers

Stylistically Insta-fashion – Instagram as a platform for fashion designers

The amount of fashion found on Instagram is mind-blogging. What is Instagram without talking about fashion and all the glitz and glamour ? Used now as a runway, a fashion show, and a catwalk ramp, Instagram is the go-to place for every fashionista and fashion savvy person. Instagram has created a platform for designers to showcase their creative designs, locally and internationally. Create, design, and dress up┬áis now the majestical norm for designers. Ironically, the platform has become the go-to for window shopping, and it’s changing the way we consume fashion style.

It seems today’s fashion designers’ mantra is design, lights, camera, action, post!


“Studies indicate that around 50% of Instagram users follow fashion accounts to find inspiration for their outfits.” If one draws inspiration from any design, they also become an inspiration to others, drastically forming a vicious circle of Insta-style fashion lovers. It is ‘no skeleton in the closet’ that we all have once followed one or more fashion styles that our celeb style icons have rocked and posted on Instagram.

It seems today’s fashion designers’ mantra is design, lights, camera, action, post! Instagram has turned into a fashion and style ground. With international brands taking up Instagram by storm. Our local designers have not disappeared into the night, as they are using the platform to its full potential too. Gone are the days when fashion shows and magazines introduced fashion trends, now the story has changed with designers showcasing their brands on Instagram. Fashionistas in modern society are now relying on trends displayed by Instagram models and influencers. It’s hard to dispute that Instagram has more leverage and success in connecting brands with people, more than was ever done by magazines and fashion shows.

Empress Primy

Designers have turned designers-cum marketers as they directly market their designs to their followers. Models dressed by designers as well as celebrities showcase different apparel created by designers. The most popular international brand of 2018, according to Google’s trending data was Fashion Nova. Interestingly, this trend has never held a fashion show indicating that Instagram is truly a fashion hub for designers. Ganu by Ganu, Empress Primy , SVG, Leverage, Sozinio, Sanz, Bakhar, are some of the brands that have grabbed the social media platform. Instagram TV (IGTV) and video sharing capabilities make it easier for designers to create virtual fashion shows to showcase to their audiences. What more can designers ever want when Instagram – the runway is at the tip of their fingers!

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Tatenda Shanganye
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