Natural Hair Queen Sofia builds her kingdom in Bulawayo

Natural Hair Queen Sofia builds her kingdom in Bulawayo

I have seen the craze for Natural hair recently and I love to see it. With the trends for natural looks solidifying in the Royal capital, Sofia has taken the lead in crafting natural crowns for Bulawayo beauties. The journey getting there has been interesting , her Youtube channel and Social media has been a source of inspiration and hair affirmation and finally she gave us a saloon. Launched on 21 November 2020 in Greenhill, Bulawayo, Sofia Hair Care is no longer just her dream, it’s now our reality.

The queen gave Buka her time and I managed to interview her on the journey and things you wouldn’t believe. Check out how it went:

I try to give my clients the best of me and when  their hair is not happy , neither am I

Sofia untangled ; The interview

The shop is out ! We saw your name on cupcakes, it’s been an amazing show for us. What’s the dream? 

Sofia : Thank you …The dream is to continue providing natural hair care with style , love & care as far as we can reach .

If you’re weren’t doing hair what would you be doing ? 

Sofia: I would probably be a creative of sorts . I have always been a creative at heart. 

Creative you say, what other creative talents do you have ? We know your passion for writing ( we know things)

Sofia: Well other than writing,  I have been known to dabble in some diy projects, artsy / etsy stuff as the millennial call it. From a young age I would be making/ recycling old jewelry pieces. I also used to sing at some point.

Besides work what keeps Sofia active ? 

Sofia : Well I have my flowers.  

You recently adopted plant babies. In caring for them, what reflections are similar to how you relate to your clients?

Sofia: Well firstly I named them . I talk to them , greet them and I get so much joy seeing them grow. I enjoy having them close to me and I go out of my way to “get” them . And yes , besides naming my clients ; its pretty much the same . .I try to give my clients the best of me and when  their hair is not happy , neither am I. When/if a plant falls /dies ..tragic.

What’s on Sofia’s dressing table ? 

Sofia :Leave in conditioner,  my toothbrush,  some old books , perfume and……well body lotion . I just realized how minimalist I am

Hair is fragile. What was your worst experience with hair ? 

Sofia : I had a lot of trials and error but my tint/dyeing experience in 2017  was  the one that gave me a wake up call. I literally lost all my volume and the hair at the back of my head. In less then 3 months of dyeing it blonde (did I mention i was a blonde?) my hair was thin and brittle. 

In your 3+ years of the crown fixing journey,  what advice would you give to a newbie natural hair queen ?

Sofia :If you are a newbie be patient,  there is no quick fix. Keep it simple ; all you need is water , oil & butter. One last thing , have realistic expectations.

Which unrealistic expectations did you have when you started?

Sofia: I thought 1. There was some miracle product that could take my hair to waste length in a short space of time. 2. My hair would behave like those girls I saw in YouTube videos 

Check out Sofia’s YouTube

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