Names you need to know in Art this Women’s history month

Names you need to know in Art this Women’s history month

As we celebrate Women’s Month, we have created an exciting list of people you should know in the art industry. Bulawayo Art is driven by some of the greatest forces and there are all women! “Umfazi yimbokodo” is more than an affirmation in the Royal capital, it’s a lifestyle for the empresses of the city. Buka honors the following phenomenal women in art this month.

Yvette Ndaba

Fashion Designer, entrepreneur, and label owner with more than two decades in the industry. Born and raised in the Royal capital, Yvette incorporates every fiber of the city in her works. Eve-O is, her brain/passion child, is an authentic powerhouse that specializes in peculiar hand-crafted African fashion. The designs speak volumes in culture, identity and tell stories. The label is nothing short of amazing with household name level status. Yvette Ndaba is among the veins that make Zimbabwe fashion.

Vuyo Brown

Award-winning contemporary Christian artist with influence in the music industry and beyond. Vuyo Brown is an inspiration and driving force in her domain. Besides being the talented musician she is, Vuyo is also a pastor, a vocal coach, songwriter, and a mentor.

Nkanyeziyethu Malunga

Nkanyeziyethu Malunga is the founder and Creative Director of Ganu, a sustainable avant-garde fashion clothing brand. She is a passionate advocate for the use of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) in textile and clothing production for economic sustainability. Her love for green sustainable methods of production makes her brand one of the few environmentally conscious brands in the country. Her fabric dyes are extracted from plants in collaboration with women in her community. She is also an advocate for the revision of the high school fashion curriculum so that it adopts concepts of sustainability and environmentally-friendly production. Nkanyeziyethu Malunga is the pioneer of a greener fashion industry in the country.

Samkeliso Tshuma

Leadership is synonymous with Samkeliso in the city. With a heart for business and a soul for sharpening younger minds, she is a force to reckon with. Samkeliso Tshuma is the founder of The Girls Table, a forum for amplifying women’s and girls’ voices in political, cultural, and socioeconomic spheres.

Mbo Mahocs

The art industry is incomplete without the mention of Mbonisi Mahonondo affectionately known as Mbo Mahocs. She is an award winning influential public figure whose pull comes from the art industry. She is a TV presenter, radio host, actress, and recently doubles in music. Mbo Mahocs is a Jill of all trades and she masters everything she touches.

Charmaine Mudau

Charmaine is a multiple award-winning theater, TV, and film actress. Art is engraved in her path and her award track record is a concrete resume of her skills. Charmaine is a strong gender activist, an adjudicator the lifestyle editor of Culxure Magazine. Her most notable features in acting include Vagina Monologues Africa and Imbokodo.

Mantate Mlotshwa

The youngest on our list. Mantate Mlotshwa is a Bulawayo-born activist, the program lead at Magamba Network, show producer and a co-host at The Resistance Bureau, and the CEO of U Motle an African-inspired fashion brand. She is a flame that rages on the injustices and inequalities of people, an advocate for fair sociopolitical opportunities with a flair for fashion. Her social media is her eternal stage for preaching change and it makes sure her voice is heard.

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