Food meets Culture- Munch & Sip

Food meets Culture- Munch & Sip

You surely must have seen all the Munch & Sip posters, Twitter posts and flyers but been wondering what it’s all about, yeah? We saw them too, and we’ll let you in on what you’re missing out. What your taste buds are being deprived of.

Munch & sip is the ultimate Bulawayo food experience. An adventure  filled with amazing flavors and glorious local cuisines. The festival is a taste of the Royal Capital wrapped in international standards. Every last Sunday of the second month is a date worth reserving. The festival dishes out nothing but the best of Bulawayo culture, talent and personalities in one serving. If your bucket list is still empty, this may very well be the first entry. There’s no better way to chill and relax while muchin’ n’ sippin’ your weekend away with great food, music and the “correct vibe”.

Paulo’s place at Munch & Sip

Initially founded in 2018 by a team of two which included Mandipa Masuku. The turnout was not as big as they anticipated. In 2019, the event got a reboot to what we know it as presently after restructuring it. The team now has 6 other groundmen , coordinators and facilitators. The vision has evolved greatly over the years  with the main driver being; ‘to be a place where different types of foods are explored, from a local culinary experience to even a international experience’.  However, the more these Munch & Sips becomes popular, the more the opportunity to act as a talent ground for not only food, but for music as well opens up. A community created through food and drink.

Djembe Monks

The vision is right on cue. There is a number of artists that have already graced the esteemed festival. These include  Vuyo Brown and  Mj sings. A great selection of DJs are always there to give the event a relaxed ambiance .

Munch & Sip is culture forward,  the menus show a blend of different origins and we can surely anticipate having foods like Italian food,  Chinese and the likes. The standards keep rising and the cooks vary in specialties,  with most of them being self taught giving the event a spice of creativity. Did we mention the fashion craze that comes with the event ? Bulawayo fashion never sleeps, Munch and Sip is another runway to try your best outfit.

Still wondering? The best proof is to attend one of the Munch and Sips when you get the chance. Stay on the look out for the next one.