Editor’s letter : Buka January 2021

Editor’s letter : Buka January 2021

The previous year has been a brutal one to everyone and making it to 2021 was the dream. The creative industry was slowed down due to the pandemic and adapting for some industries has been challenging. Not everyone managed to get their presence online as the social and economic climate shifted online with social media becoming a stage as well as a market place. Nonetheless we made it to 2021. It’s unfortunate the nation has been put on lockdown again but it’s for the safety of everyone.

Valeria – Model

With everyone grounded at home, this month is all about discovery. January is our moon landing. The Royal city has the best gems the world needs to know about. We will give you talents you probably didn’t know existed. The focus for this month is fashion icons and everything design related.

I remember being asked to name any 5 designers respected by my mentor and I struggled. I only knew the few that were active online and thought my world was complete. She gave me homework to discover everything Bulawayo fashion related. I have since dedicated my time to exploring the best designers on and off-line. This month will be a glimpse of that and more.

Fish F Ndaramu – Artist

While fashion icons will be explored,  Buka will not hibernate on anything else. We will give you the best of local artist reviews, fitness and grooming tips, interviews, influencer picks, style and stories to keep you entertained. This month is our month of actualization, we will let you see the world through our eyes.

We hope you stays safe in these trying times.

Take care.

Jabulile Sigola