Buka , December 2020 : Editor’s letter

Buka , December 2020 : Editor’s letter

Buka is the home of fashion, culture and lifestyle. The name “Buka” is derived from the Ndebele language which simply means “to admire”. We are a magazine founded in Bulawayo and we hope to stay in your bookmarks.

Fashion has always been a statement,  an expression of feelings, character and taste. Clothes are not just garments, they’re an extension of the person wearing them. For a while, the local fashion scenery has been laced with international brands but the landscape has changed in the Royal Capital. Buka embraces everything local and the publication focuses on nothing but the best of it.


What’s fashion without a culture? The culture in the city of Kings and Queens is as rich as the personalities inhabiting the royal lands. With music, arts, crafts and themed events, Buka gives you a dose of it all. A touch of the actions through your screens, we want you to see the world through our eyes.

What’s candy to your eyes if we don’t give you the ingredients after. We will cover issues that the art industry would rather keep hidden from you. Hair, beauty , grooming and makeup,  we got you. Wouldn’t you want to know the secrets to making the candy ?

Sofia – Owner of Sofia Haircare, Byo

We have a digital publication too ! The thrill of cover pages is like our primary school fantasy and we dream with open eyes now. Who will be gracing our cover in the first issue ? Can you guess ?

Digital publication release date to be announced here. We hope to leave a mark or a couple screenshots.

Jabulile Sigola- Chief editor