Bald & Beautiful – No ‘Abantu bazothini’ syndrome

Bald & Beautiful – No ‘Abantu bazothini’ syndrome

Regular? Nope! Bald.

Bald, don’t care! Crown reset. This statement caught my attention the moment it was sent to me. I had to get my own crown reset before penning my thoughts.

The moment I told the barber I want to go bald he laughed. Helped me with the apron. Changed the hair clippers of the shaving machine. He then looked me in the eye. Note. Not through the mirror in front of us. But straight into them and went like, umpabanga? Are you sure? At this point I am laughing. And I affirm; I want it all off. He tells me he thought I was just messing with him. And, as he began doing what he does best, the conversation quickly shifted to how “angry” I must have been to take it all out on my hair. As soon as it’s done he asks, did you bring a hat?

A hat? For a generation that calls itself ‘woke’? We should really start to fix our thinking. How one wears their hair is a means of expression, it shows their identity and makes a statement all at the same time. Why should I feel like being bald is not good enough and hide it? Just because we have the “weaves” wired deeply into our system? Why hide art? – The art of letting go. The art of new beginnings. Uhm. The art of having no attachment issues. Bald is indeed beautiful if I must say so myself. I might be a little biased haha.

Lots women are happy with hair. Rastafarians just like Samson believe their strength lies in their hair, ergo, being bald is a sign of weakness. Married Jewish women have been covering their hair with veils as tradition since the 15th century. Indian women, on the other hand, are known for their beautiful long hair. The Amish do not cut their hair, they believe hair is a sacred symbol after marriage. Many women will go to the extent of buying hair. The longer the inches the better. More and more women are happy to rock the bald look. No hair. No shame! It’s a truth we have to embrace. Some women, however, are still in the grey zone, trying to figure out where they fit in.

Shudufhadzo Musida – Miss SA 2020

As society we really have to stop with the questioning stares. Doing that will help us grow. Something I believe we wish for, for every woman. To bloom in the colour and shade she wants. Be the change no matter how small by not conforming to ideas of seclusion or segregation.
Miss SA 2020 and Tiffany Haddish have given us wings by changing the old narrative. They have stepped into a territory inhabited by a few brave individuals. Individuals with no ‘abantu bazothini’ syndrome. Individuals who own the bald look. Have you tried it? I dare you to. Maybe you thinking I won’t even know what to wear with it. We gat you.
The bald look can be rocked with or without make up. If you fear looking plain mix it up with gorgeous statement earrings. And you know what? You’re ready to go!

Danai Gurira

Cover picture : Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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